Many of our Customers have asked for additional countries and 24/7 channels.  This is why we have now added a 2nd Service.

This can also act as a back up service in the event of channels not working on 1stClass.

Think of this Service as our "1stClass B" Service

You can use this on many of the same apps such as IPTV Smarters and Purple Player.  The Server URL is

ALSO, it also has a stand alone APP called DEZZO.

You will also find this in our Filelinked Store 63519709

The cost of this subscription will be the same as the 1st Class Subscriptions.

However...if you have both, then the cost is just $5.00 more each month.

When making a subscription payment or renewal, please specify exactly what you are purchasing.

Watch my video on Youtube to see the channels and countries.