Great thing about IPTV is the many different Viewing options available.  Now you can watch your channels anywhere you want.  With our service there is NO IP Lock, meaning you have the flexibility to watch on the go.

Watch on your Amazon Firesticks, Android Boxes, Laptops, Cell Phones, and even some Smart TV's

The most common method to watch IPTV is by using an Amazon Firestick

If you are using a new Firestick, you must turn on a few settings first.  Watch this video and turn on the 2 settings in the "Developer Options"


Currently I Recommend Downloading and using the 1stClass APP.  This has by far the best user experience that I have seen on any player on the market today.  

There are also 3 other players that you can download and try. Try them all if you would like to see which one you like the best.

To DOWNLOAD 1stClass APP and the other APPs, use the Downloader APP, and type this Number into the address bar.


Once downloaded you will click on "add account" then simply fill in the 3 spots including "Account Name" which you can put anything you would like.


For the other players, choose the "xtreme codes" option.

The playlist URL for  is:

For the Purple Player, you will press "SKIP" on the 1st Login Screen, then on the next page, you will choose the Xtreme Codes option.

How to Download the Player (APP) to watch our Service



Laptops or Desktops

You can use our Web Player by going to the following website and entering your 

username and password

Cell Phones

For Android, we recommend the "Purple Player" And for IPhones we recommend the "Purple Player" as well as "DMAC IPTV"

For both APPs, you will need your username and password as well as the Server URL