Great thing about IPTV is the many different Viewing options available.  Now you can watch your channels anywhere you want.  With our service there is NO IP Lock, meaning you have the flexibility to watch on the go.

Watch on your Amazon Firesticks, Android Boxes, Laptops, Cell Phones, and even some Smart TV's

The most common method to watch IPTV is by using an Amazon Firestick

If you are using a new Firestick, you must turn on a few settings first.  Watch this video and turn on the 2 settings in the "Developer Options"


Currently I Recommend Downloading and using the Tivimate APP.  This has by far the best user experience that I have seen on any player on the market today.  However, I would use this only if you are prepared to "unlock" all the features of the APP for an additional $8.00/year.  If you are not, then I would recommend the 1stClass APP and then the Purple Player APP.

Watch this video regarding Tivimate & Unlocking ALL the Features

To DOWNLOAD Tivimate and the other APPs, use the Downloader APP, and type this Number into the address bar.


Once downloaded you will click on "add playlist" then choose the "xtreme codes" option.

The playlist URL for "1stClass Original"  is:

This is also the same server URL you would use for Purple Player and IPTV Smarters

For the Purple Player, you will press "SKIP" on the 1st Login Screen, then on the next page, you will choose the Xtreme Codes option.

***You can only have either TIVIMATE, or the 1st Class APP...NOT BOTH, as they technically are the same.



Laptops or Desktops

Simply go to above site, choose "marvel" from the drop down menu, and enter your Username & Password

Cell Phones

Search for either "Xtream IPTV" or "IPTV Smarters Player" in the APP Store and Google Play stores.

Use the option "login with extreme codes"

And your given username and password as well as

the URL -


Buffering Problems?

Waiting for your favorite TV show to finish buffering is the worst. Of course your inherent Internet speed and various devices play a role, but there are other factors to consider when wondering why it takes a video too long to load.  Click on the Link to read a great article on this Subject

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Another Firestick HACK For Faster Streaming

Since your TV will be able to connect to the Internet, you will also need to deal with Internet-related issues. Specifically, you will have to deal with buffering and slow Internet. If you want faster Fire TV Stick streaming, then there’s an effective way of achieving this. It’s a free and straightforward process to implement.                  Click Here for One Thing You Can do

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Also, you may want to consider a VPN, which will protect you and allow you to surf and stream anonymously.  I consider IPVanish to be the best. Click on the Image below.  You will also find IPVanish already loaded on your Firesticks.  You will just need to find it and download it.